Scuffed Slippers and Wormy Books is the little corner of the Web where I post my reviews of books, movies, and music (books, far more often than not), talk about knitting, and share the occasional photograph.  My cats Chaucer and Dante might make appearances, too.

I am a former dancer, a research associate in hospital epidemiology by day, and a bookseller by night.

Happy reading!


Review Policy and FTC Disclaimer

I do not accept many books for review because my schedule is erratic. I do not read or review Kindle books or Amazon-sourced products.

Please contact me at balletbooksknitting (at) gmail (dot) com.

I do not give misleading reviews in exchange for free products; therefore, giving me a free item does not guarantee a “postive” review or endorsement. If I received an item for free I acknowledged the source in my review or post.

Any items sent to me for review I dispose of at my own discretion. I may keep an item, I may give it away, or I may sell it. Please note that unedited advance review copies (ARCs or AREs) are never sold because that is unethical; those copies are either kept, given away, or recycled.

I do not participate in any affiliate programs. However, I work for a bookstore. The majority of my product links (provided out of courtesy to the curious reader) are URLs from my bookstore’s website.

I give my personal opinion at all times.

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