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So, I won some books…

Quite a while ago. I completely forgot to post about them and thank the very lovely person/people who sent them.  (And then they got put under my desk for “safekeeping” – my office is a mess.)

Back during the Spring Bloggiesta bloggers who signed up were entered to win either of two grand prize packs (of books, obviously). Me being me, I forgot about it completely. I was having fun with Bloggiesta and was getting a lot accomplished. Go figure.

And then Danielle emailed me to tell me I won the Walden Pond Press pack.

Color me surprised!!  Thank you so, so much!

These are all really popular/well-written MG/YA books that I’ve considering reading.

I have no choice now!  And I can’t wait until I can share them with my nieces (they’re six, and they can read, so they’re getting sooooo close.

In order top to bottom the books are:

Thanks so much again to Danielle and Walden Pond Press!!

3 thoughts on “So, I won some books…

  1. Yay! I'm so excited to see they arrived and cannot wait to hear what you think. So many of those are my absolute favorites. I know your nieces are going to love them! Congratulations again! :o)

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